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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>darya: the big stories we are following this hour, six people are now confirmed killed by tornadoes over the weekend in the midwest. 120 reports of twisters in that area. >>mark: the coast guard is saying it is on like leave that the sailors to of of their book over the weekend are still alive. the search has been suspended indefinitely. >>darya: a yacht crash over the weekend, late last night the coast guard decided to suspend its search for those still missing.
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the body of one person was pulled from the water but there are four people still missing. three people have been rescued. the crew was from the san francisco yacht club which is located in marin county in this small town of belvedere. that is where will tran is this morning. >>will: they called the search so quickly because they said they have searched for more than 5000 square miles. for they figured it is highly of fossil fuel that they would still be alive this morning was to fly the call of the search. they are calling the search suspended they figure
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because the rocks are so jagged and the water so cold it is of of will that they would still be alive this morning. there are no memorials and from of the yacht club. the reason why is, they do not want that to happen. the grieving process is taking place inside. this story has hit the boating community not distance in francisco, but worldwide. they're getting condolences from all over the globe. >>darya: what would it take for them to resume the search? >> maybe if they find any degree. they were wearing life vests in the bad weather clothing.
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>>erica: here is a love at this gorgeous shot from our roof camera in downtown san francisco. sunshine and low clouds. so low clouds will be with us throughout the rest of the morning. into the afternoon, mostly sunny conditions. breezy into the afternoon but temperatures will be in the upper 60s and low 70's. taking a look at temperatures right outside the door, we are running on the mild side.
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temperatures have recently dropped compared to our last report. the media's part of the bay area, we will keep it in the 60s and low 70's. as we advance the clock into the afternoon, check out 3:00 p.m.. it will be relatively cooler places like doubt felt that this is so it happened it. >>george: crash has now cleared. traffic is starting to look
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once again. it had bids slow north of the 58680 to change coming down from alcosta. that is no longer the case. it is sluggish and was banned. if this does have the potential to back things up all the crash is completely cleared. there is the possibility that we could get away without any residual affect. otherwise the rest of the commute looks great fifth refresh on the bay bridge was doubt, the volume is up. it is likely traffic will return to normal this week. your ride to the golden gate, 101 northbound and southbound first, 92. it is an easy ride. the right side of the screen is the westbound commute direction.
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here is a look at the golden gate. south round, no delays. >>mark: jackie sissel has more on the construction to the new approach to the golden gate. >> lane closures will only really affect the northbound lanes. those are the lanes on the other side of the race is expected to the golden gate. -- the raised expansion of the golden gate, it is otherwise known as the oil dry. from 8:00 p.m.-noon the
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right hand lane will be closed northbound. if you're coming from san francisco headed to the golden gate, that is all will be affected. it should not have a huge effect on the morning commute but obviously with all the construction you may have people slowing down. as he said, this is a long- term project. this is not expected to be done until 2015. >>darya: to date marks and one month since sierra lamar was reported missing from morgan hill. her family is marking the passage with a balloon release and a career tonight at 6:30 p.m. at burnett elementary school in morgan hill which is where
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volunteers have been gathering to search for sierra. the santa clara county sheriff's office has received more than 1200 tips. she went missing on march 16th. your is video of divers searching the two nearby reservoirs' but have found nothing. >>mark: severe weather ripping through the midwest. we are learning that there are two children among the victims. over 100 possible tornadoes, and parts of oklahoma, kansas, nebraska and iowa over the weekend. officials say the strong storms knocked out the weather warning sirens. >>darya: we will have more on the weather and a couple
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>>mark: we're talking about bay area weather. it's pretty nice week ahead with no rain in the 7 day forecast. >>darya:
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>>darya: coming up will have the latest developments in the search for sierra lamar and that the suspended search for some sailors off of the marin county coast. >>mark: a beautiful star to the week. we will be right back after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl.
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>>darya: in news around the bay, a bitter divorce and petaluma turns deadly. a man shot his wife in front of a divorce lawyer and turned it down on myself faithful to died. da lin has details. if this >>da: and tense moments sunday afternoon, petaluma police officers got here fifth in the found a woman and man shot. officers quickly surrounded the office building in the started looking for a possible gunman. thus it turned out a has been shot his wife in front of a divorce attorney and then turned the gun on himself. both died. police would not elaborate if there was a history of domestic violence such admit they have dealt with the couple before. >>darya: authorities say a toddler found alone in a car on saturday belongs to the two people found dead nearby.
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they say this was also a murder/suicide. a man shot a woman on east capitol expressway and then turned the gun on himself. the two had previously dated. the 17 month old baby girl was found in a vehicle nearby and was the daughter of the couple. if she is now in the custody of child protective services. >>mark: it looks to be warmer weather forecast. >>erica: yes, we do expect laws and conditions for a much every day this week, especially on high. looking ahead today we will see mild-warm conditions depending on where you are. we have potentially low seventies inland. as we head into the middle of the leaf is a warming trend continues to. high pressure in control over the bay area. later this weekend, the '70s will stick around.
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closing conditions for saturday and sunday as well. in terms of temperatures outside the door, a little bit chilly. he was certainly love to dress in layers. she'll whole show warm conditions inland getting up to 64. in the bay area we are dealing with low clouds hans your 7 day around the
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bay forecast still is and is conditioned on at 4 today and tomorrow. 1 clouds with a little bit of drizzled mind temperatures slightly cooler. wednesday, it set out the temperatures as they start to climb. friday will be the warmest day of the week. warm and dry conditions into the weekend. >>george: for it is currently behind but the fate area. or are here is a look at the bay bridge upper deck. as yet hot the golden and eight but is a problem free both to and from marin
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counties. we are several hours away from a peak of southbound traffic for 101 into the golden gate. looking at the private in me today, he conceded commute on interstate 80 has not begun to slow yet cox your ride on a peninsula is a problem free for td and 101 with no delays between is san mateo and sfo. >>justine: here is what is happening right now, the national highway traffic safety administration has now started to investigate problems with the bmw 7 series luxury cars. the investigation covers nearly 120,000 bmws from a 2002 deficit as a model years. the car has a push button
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start and a laconic transmission control. in some cases the owners may think the cars are in park when they're actually in neutral. that can cause the cars' unexpectedly rolled away and crashed. again, this is not a recall, just an investigation. >>mark: the president is now addressing the scandal rocking the secret service, 11 agents who were sent to colombia ahead of the president's visit are accused of misconduct involving prostitutes. at the summit of the americas the president commented on the allegations. >> what happened here in columbia is being investigated by the director of the secret service. i expect the investigation to be thorough and rigorous. if it turns out that some of the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed, of course i will
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be angry because my attitude with respect to the secret service personnel is no different than what i expect out of my delegates that are sitting here. we're representing the people of the united states. >>mark: government services say the agents were relieved of duty and return home. a quick break as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 p.m.. flickr is a live look at the roof camera in san francisco. roof camera in san francisco. you're the best mom ever. thank you, sweetie. oh... ♪
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>>mark: the justice department has added more prosecutors as they're trying to evict it wasn't clemens' of lying to congress for. he told lawmakers that he had never used performance enhancing drugs. jury selection in a new trial is set to begin today. a judge declared a mistrial on the second day of testimony last july after this second happened jurors at that had been ruled inadmissible. >>darya: janet nepal italiano is said to visit san jose state university and will deliver remarks on
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cyber security and expanding the cyber security work force. >> they tell a bad attack embassies, government buildings and nato bases in afghanistan early today. 36 insurgents were killed. eight police officers and three civilians were also killed. it was the most widespread attack in the afghan capital since the assault of the u.s. embassy in. >>darya: check out a massive sandstorm that help cut-that hit the saudi arabian capital locusts banking and
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cut his head high >>mark: we're watching wall street from the opening bell coming up in two minutes street from the opening bell coming up in two minutes harry of future up [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it.
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shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> as the nasdaq and as the all dropped over one percent of credit. reports coming of about consumer spending. consumer spending is two-
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thirds of the u.s. economy. dow futures are up 60 points ahead of the opening bell. >>darya: a developing story we're following, a deadly at crash, late last night the coast guard suspended the search for the four missing sailors that were tossed overboard. a 38 ft. yacht sailed into rocks on saturday afternoon during a race. one person was pulled from the water and is confirmed dead, but there are four others still missing. three people were rescued. the crew was from the san francisco yacht club in belvedere. that is where will tran is this morning to tell us why the surge has been suspended. >>will: the coast guard believes they have done enough, 30 hours of searching, 5000 square miles. they took into consideration the air temperature and condition of the water in the said there is no way that they would still be alive.
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respective firms with one person who says they have been on that race and where the boat crashed, the rocks are jagged and even he says he does not think that they are alive this morning. he understands why after only 30 hours of searching the coast guard has called off the search. we do not see a typical memorial outside, there are no teddy bears or candles. of everyone has been rocked by this. coming up we will have sound from an employee inside. this and she also says this morning several friends. >>darya: here is a look at who the perhaps all-time a will get the the one confirmed death pulled from the water on saturday
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hitting harass law hope there was one woman on board. >> three people on board the boats are remembered. this >> he was a warm hearted, fun-loving guy. the was a great guy and all was near him really well. >> the flag flies at half mast. even nonmembers were well known at the private clubs. >> this is a significant event.
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this is the oldest of cloud on the west coast, so many family members and friends affected, it is a tragedy. we are all still grieving and waiting, hoping as something changes that gives us a positive end. right now, it is very somber. the vet right here is video of the yacht from 2008, the full name is the slow speed chase. everyone on board was said to be very experienced, many of them having raced together before. >> it was a very tragic actor. the defense of the density will be learned going forward, but as of this when we're focusing on the rescue efforts. we are hoping that their hearts of a assigned been severe
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>>erica: here is a live look at conditions from our roof camera. low cloud cover but as we in a the delay afternoon calluses run bay area wide. toch high as we head into the afternoon, mostly sunny conditions. my lunch, you may want to consider eating outdoors. we have 60s in the media heart of the bay area. los 70's for santa rosa and in napa. as we advance into the afternoon, by 3:00 p.m. we will see more yellow in the delta, livermore valley in
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portions of the south bay. later tonight, we will see an uptick in the wind speeds. into wednesday it looks like we're in for a warming trend with potentially 80 degree readings for. >>george: it has been about 50 in a minute since the metering lights war on on the bay bridge westbound. we are not tracking any hot spot. the commute across the upper deck looks good. a bit of a back up starting to form. the drive time is 11-12 minutes currently out of the macarthur maze towards san francisco. your ride on the san mateo bridge at last check was for
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it. there was a stall reported on the west end of the bridge. fog casket fourth cutups, wash high with work for antioch is another story. there was an accident reported on the nimitz freeway in oakland nor cannot at high street but it is early enough that it has not begun to delay traffic. in san jose we have picked up a little bit of slowing between 101 into 80. that could be the beginning of the fact that 50 if on your finance look new, a smooth ride with no delays for 101 or td. >>justine: in london fright
6:37 am
arrivals and departures have resumed following the closure of the airport because of an emergency landing to. it verges atlantic flight from orlando maze in emergency landing because of a technical problem on board the aircraft. there are reports of a small fire on board. >>mark: we're watching it is soft on wall street ferry we have the worst we've the decline of the here last week. the dow was up 116 after showing strong expected retail sales finn in closer to the 13,000 mark. >>mark: we're getting ready
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for road closures on oil dry. jackie sissel is watching the construction work under way of the approach to the golden gate from san francisco. >>jackie: is going to be a long-term project. the first of the projects will begin at 8:00 p.m..
6:39 am
there have been warning signs up for weeks. this is a long-term project. all of the will drive will eventually bring be replaced. the >>darya: of here is a live look for mt. tam cam. a warm-up is on the way later this week. we're back with more in a minute.
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to 12,00958, a big jump right out to the gate. we will keep watching the numbers on wall street and we will be right back as the kron4 news continues.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >>erica: here is a live look at conditions from the mt. tam cam. low cloud cover in we are starting to see sunshine already. as we focus in on temperatures right outside the door, we have a good mix of upper 40's is low 50s. you will definitely want to dress in layers. later this afternoon we could be warm and some of our inland areas.
6:47 am
los 70's for the north bay as well. significant the cooler in places like half moon bay. 62 over in daly city. as we turn our attention to satellite and radar, you can see what weather activity scituate in northern california. here in the bay area, we have only a little bit of cloud cover to deal with. as we transition over to the sierra forecast, if you're headed that way, is currently no chain requirements. cloudy skies with temperatures in the mid '60s. we increased a couple of degrees for tuesday and wednesday with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows pretty nice
6:48 am
conditions. it looks like high pressure is certainly in control of temperatures start to climb into the '70s. friday looks like it will be the warmest day of the week. we will continue to the pleasant weather and sunshine as we head into the weekend. >>george: we will continue to monitor a hot spot free ride. here is a check on the bridges. fifth drive times are still 12-14 it out of the macarthur maze. we do expect to see something more like normal traffic flow. your ride to the san mateo bridge has been predicted. i mention the the report of a stall at the west and but i do not think it is going to affect the westbound ride at the toll plaza. your ride on the golden gate
6:49 am
looks good. as you can see, it is the easy ride with light traffic heading in an from marin county. cuff we still are not seeing any problems here, there was a potential hot spot on the nimitz with an accident reported on high street. we are still building in the commute on 101 northbound into the guadalupe parkway with no big surprises or delays. the peninsula ride looks great with no problems on a one-to-one, to 80 or the ride on the interchange. marin county, still an easy drive from 37 to the golden gate curious since >>mark: we're watching the sharps climb on the south downs. the had the worst week of the dow up for the year. if a veteran expected report
6:50 am
coming out for consumer spending in the month of march. cost gary schlossberg is joining us from wells capital management. for >> the market but a positive spin on the report, as it should periods >>mark: are corporate earnings still in focus? drama yes. city group came in a little shy of expectations for but we are still up on the day. >>mark: is the 13th of the market is a psychological factor? >> yes that psychology plays a big part in the market gary's it could provide an added lift to the market. very aggressive and considering what is for naught in europe and concern about china and the liked.
6:51 am
top >>mark: is volatility still a big issue? >> i think that it will be given the heightened concern about europe to tighten to financial concessions. it is an important issue. it costs since it's still unclear just how strong or weak the economy is. we are still dealing with mild to crisis. as think investors are bracing themselves. the result could be more volatile trading. tsks >>justine: here is what is happening right now in the kron4 news room. some 24,000 state universities will head to the poll today reporting a two week mamboed on whether
6:52 am
or not authorized the union to declare a strike. fifth the association has until april 27th to decide if it will authorize the board of directors to call for a two day strike. since house >>darya: we are back with more to give you the list of the sunday morning in just a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the bay bridge theory there is a lot of traffic going back to work this monday morning for. shall before mark family
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fled south the 74th half. life today in a fight the end of the the fifth mild weather through one of them in the warmup for if. f
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>>darya: 5 the far-flung food from freddie and the harvard the fat in philadelphia's the van had been were fearful and the funding for fifth half. there's a the big $500 turf more information leading to the return of the guitar how. >>mark: coming out, stopped looking for the fourth the was sniffing think that it. we are live with the latest on the search effort. today marked the one month
6:57 am
anniversary of and if the parents of sierra lamar when the thing on her way to fool. what investigators and volunteers are doing to help find her. i fall of that coming of a few minutes as the kron4 news continued. we will have the latest on a call for it, weather and traffic when we return the.
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